Robert Bache aka “MedicareBob”

In November of 2009 I started working at Tranzact as a Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement sales agent. I sold over 1,000 Medicare Supplement Plans per year while I worked there, I spent over 30,000 hours perfecting my craft. In June of 2012, I left Tranzact and opened my own Agency, Senior Healthcare Direct. Opening my own agency proved to be my biggest professional challenge of my life. As I mentioned, I had already perfected the ability to sell Medicare insurance plans over the phone but I soon realized there was a lot more to operating an agency than selling insurance.

From 2012 through 2020, my agency grew into a top performing Medicare supplement agency in the Country.  This required me to buildout a telephony system, a CRM, processes for hiring, training, incentive plans, how to generate leads, etc… I had to transform from “the top sales guy”, to the “agency owner”. I learned a lot through this experience, the most important lesson I learned was that I had the resiliency to own and operate the agency.

In September of 2020, I sold my agency to Amerilife. This was such a blessing, not only did I receive enough money for financial freedom but I also started working with some of the smartest business operators that I have ever met. It was a great balance, my entrepreneur spirit partnering with highly educated successful business operators. Since the acquisition, I have stayed on as the Founder and Chief of Sales. During this time we have scaled the agency from writing 12,000 policies a year to writing over 28,000!

Through these experiences, I have wore every hat in the business. I have been the sales agent trainer / manager, the customer care trainer / manager, I was in charge of marketing (I taught myself digital marketing), Director of Compliance, etc… basically, I have done every job there is to do inside of a Medicare sales agency.

The path of going from a top sales rep to a sophisticated business operator required years and millions of dollars of investment. My goal with Medicare Monsters is to help reduce the time and the investment for others to achieve the 8 figure level of success that I have.

The content of Medicare Monsters is targeted to assist:

  • New agents entering the industry.
    • I want to close the gap from getting licensed to actually producing!
  • Taking already successful agents / agencies to the next level.
    • I want to share my experience on how I successfully scaled my agency with others.
  • Business and sales consulting.
    • I have worked with some of the largest agencies in the Country with training and development.